What's FreeZone?

FreeZone is a WiFi sharing and discovery app that connects you automatically every time it finds a free hotspot. 

Find Free Hotspots

FreeZone shows hotspots that are close to you. You can connect to any networks in range, or follow the map to find hotspots that are far away. You can also use the Search option to look for hotspots in other cities and countries.

Effortless Automatic Connection

We know it's annoying to spend a lot of time searching for WiFi. That's why we do it while you're not looking - even when running on background, FreeZone never stops searching for free internet for you. 

When FreeZone finds a free hotspot in range, it connects you right away. You don't need to do anything else.

Contribute and Share!

All FreeZone hotspots were found by people like you.

While FreeZone works in background to keep you connected, it adds to the map any free networks it finds. Keep it running, and you will help everyone in the Community.

You can also contribute by sending hotspot passwords from public places such as restaurants and airports. Start sharing! The more everyone shares, the more everyone will stay connected.

FreeZone Premium: Connect to Paid Hotspots in the easiest way around

With FreeZone Premium, you get access you more than 700.000 paid hotspots all around the world. Click here to learn more.

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