What is FreeZone Premium?

We know you can't find free WiFi everywhere. And for those places, you can count on us to deliver you a premium WiFi service without the need of long sign up forms, big contracts, crazy data plans, complicated billing and nearly impossible to follow cancellation policies. 

FreeZone Premium allows you to connect to more than 700.000 paid hotspots worldwide - from airports to hotels, we've got you covered. While FreeZone's free hotspots are crowdsourced, Premium hotspots are kept by companies who keep them in top shape.

Subscribers are automatically connected to premium WiFi hotspots the same way FreeZone connects to free hotspots: as long as you're in range of a network, you're automatically connected.

It's very easy to subscribe: all you need to do is boy a subscription through the Play Store. You don't need to fill up forms, sign contracts or wait for account activation: you can start using it immediately after buying.

Try it our for yourself! Subscribe today and get a 7-day free trial!
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